Our Food

For us there is nothing more important than harvest excellent quality food, leading in the innovation of products with a great sense of social and environment responsibility, always thinking about the health and nutrition of the entire family.


With the commitment to give you the most healthy and natural.

Health Facts
Often it can be difficult to get the variety of fruits and vegetables your body needs every day. But with a little creativity and help from Ecopacific S.A, creating dishes packed with a variety of fruits and vegetables has never been so quick or easy.

Try some of these great ideas, maybe you'll even discover a new favorite one.
Encourage your family to eat healthy with these easy tips:

At the grocery store, talk about the names, shapes, colors, and sizes of fruits and vegetables.
Teach your kids to spell the names of fruits and vegetables.
Talk about how fruits and vegetables are grown and where they are grown.
Talk about fruits and vegetables eaten in other forms, and try new ones.

All Ecopacific S.A. products are intended to satisfy the whole family. They are designed with no artificial flavors or chemical preservatives, no water or sugar added, all formulas are from natural raw ingredients.